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Born Anthony Parrino, Elite understands that in an overly populated era of artists it’s hard to gain recognition on elevated levels. As a Byram, CT native, Elite is not like the typical artist on the come-up. With over a decade of experience in the music industry the now 27-year-old musician has been making, creating and finding his way since his early days as an in-house producer with the infamous Hip-hop label, Ruff Ryders. In order to initiate an appropriate introduction to his work, Elite released “The Groundwork” a collection of instrumentals to many of the songs he has produced over the last ten years. During that time he has worked with Jadakiss, DMX, Nas, Common, and most recently has found his niche as a musician – working with and being inspired by his creative circle, fellow artists J. Cole, Omen and Voli.

I think we all understand the level of talent within this circle and it’s something special. Every time I get up with one of them I learn something new, whether it’s from watching them work or collaborating. The further they go, the further I go.

Focusing more on his work as an artist, it was in early 2012 that Elite released his debut official project, “Awaken”. It is this body of work which really introduces the world to his abilities as an artist while still showcasing his production skills. “Awaken” and released featured singles since then really display Elite’s vast potential for growth. No matter who he is around, Elite is always learning. Watching. Growing. From the classrooms at SUNY Purchase where he graduated, to taking the role of student in studios with major artists. Elite is always working on his development as a musician. Telling stories now as an artist about his personal struggles and discoveries, Elite will tell you he never just wanted to be a music producer. He’ll tell you how his dreams always involved performing and traveling the world.

So now everyday is about creating his own inspiration. Fighting those dark days of doubt. Becoming better. It’s about applying the principles he has learned from his father, George Parrino, a Professor of Visual Art – vagueness, mystery, leaving things open to interpretation. Elite understands how to fulfill his dreams now. He has worked hard merging knowledge with experience as a professional for the last ten years. The days of wondering whether his work will be good or not are over.

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